manilyn reynes

sa YM
Jon Cabron
: nakita ko ‘yung gelpren ko dati nung college sa friendster, tangena kamukha na ni manilyn reynes ngayon!!

Kaibigan: bakit dati ba?

Jon Cabron
: ahhhm parang semi manilyn reynes lang.


May-akda: Jon Cabron

mapanganib, nakakasakit.

3 thoughts on “manilyn reynes”

  1. tangena mo…
    are you insulting MS.MANILYN REYNES??? why are you people so mean??? don’t you know that manilyn reynes hasn’t no insecurity in her life??? she’s one of thge best in the biz…maggaling maghost,umarte, at kumanta…please lang don’t compare ms.mane to anyone or kahit sino pa with insult…spare ms.manilyn reynes…kung ayaw mo sa maDYUBA mong girlfriend problema mo na un….maghanap ka ng mala KATRINA HALILI or KRIS AQUINO or RUFFA GUTTIEREZ kung gusto mo….if kung sau yan ang basis ng beauty for you…STUPID…. :no:

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